Thursday, July 24, 2008

‘I gained weight for Fashion’ - Priyanka Chopra

/photo.cms?msid=3269410 Madhur’s forthcoming film Fashion has been in news since the time he announced it. While one of the most talked about buzz about the film was Priyanka’s weight loss issue, it is believed that Priyanka, who plays a supermodel in the film, had to loose weight for her role.

We were surprised when Priyanka cleared the air and told us the real story. “Let me clear that I had to put on weight for this film and not lose. This girl, Meghna Mathur is a small town girl. Thus to make it look real I had to put on 5 kgs in the first half of the movie. After shooting those scenes I worked out to get back to my normal shape.”

Ask her if there’s any similarity between her reel and real self here’s what the actress has to say, “I don’t think we can make a comparison here because my character is very different. The only similarity between me and my character is that she comes from a small town with lots of dreams. I came from Meerut when I joined modeling. Just like me, the character I play tries to understand the modeling world.”

She further explains that Fashion is a realistic story just like a typical Madhur Bhandarkar film. But it’s different from his other films as here he has put in a lot of glamour. “ Fashion is a very hard hitting film. It’s basically an emotional journey of my character Meghna Mathur. She is a small town girl, who comes to Bombay to become a model. She doesn’t want to become an actress but just a model, a super model.”

Priyanka reveals that she never wanted to become a model. “I always wanted to be an engineer but ended up doing modeling by fluke. But my stint as a model was only short lived, spanning 4 – 5 months,” she signs off.

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