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Dasavatharam vs Sivaji - by the end of 2 weeks

In less than a week of trade analysis that presented a totally different picture – of Dasavatharam's collections struggling to reach the earlier released Sivaji's in the overseas market – this week reports suggest that Dasavatharam has outperformed Sivaji by a whopping $ 7,947,960.

By the end of second week in the international market (excluding USA), Dasavatharam had made $11,653,212 as opposed to Sivaji that raked in $3,705,252 during the same duration. Kamal's 10-act was placed at 11th position at the worldwide box-office rating. Reports from USA have also been very encouraging, putting the movie as one of the top grossing South Indian movie ever.

Third weekend results are awaited.

Distributors who hold the overseas rights are evidently kicked about the results and are excited about the future prospects that look optimistic too.

Akshay Kumar makes director cry

/photo.cms?msid=3181644 Actor Akshay Kumar may be smiling all the way to the bank these days – what with his soaring popularity, and multi-crore deals. But though he is happy and on cloud nine, we just got news that the actor made director Anees Bazmee cry on the sets of Singh Is Kinng.

No, he didn't act difficult or pricey, but Akshay simply enacted an emotional scene so well, that it brought tears to Anees' eyes. The scene apparently was a dialogue between Kirron Kher and Akshay.

Producer Vipul Shah tells us, "It was a very emotional and touching scene and it was coming out in such a realistic manner that every one got absorbed in it... and while there was pin drop silence, we could hear one person sniffing.  It was Anees. As a producer, I felt good, because it meant that the director was so involved and that he knew, he got what he wanted."

It's a different thing that the crew didn't stop pulling his leg and till date continue to tease Baby Bazmee! And we all thought that Akshay was just a great action actor...

Kay Kay’s backlog is over

Kay Kay Menon Kay Kay Menon is heaving a huge sigh of relief. The character actor who had signed a lot of films in the recent past has now finished with the backlog and it is a relief for the actor that most of them have also been released.

Via Darjeeling which released last week was a huge disappointment for his fans. Kay Kay replied, “That’s the last of my backlog films. My next release should be Drona and you will be mighty surprised at what I have achieved.”

On questioning Shrishti Arya, producer of Drona, she revealed, “Kay Kay has a huge fear of horses and he had not told anyone of this fear. We always used to wonder why does he take so long with his rehearsals. It was only when we started shooting and having completed the riding shots of Kay Kay, he exposed his fear. We were really surprised. He rode his horse with such confidence that nobody could imagine that he had a fear.”

Well, what do we say? Just hats off, Kay Kay...

Riteish: A nervous wrek?

Riteish It all happened at the awards in Bangkok... Riteish was to perform and take a shot at the Big B. Not quite sure how it would all turn out, friends of the actor's inform us that Rits was quite a nervous wreck and anxious about the whole thing.

The actor wasn't sure about how people and Amitabh in particular would react to his 'act'. But a performer is a performer. Rits went on stage and played his part – a spoof on Amitabh – and the audience was in splits.

But Riteish breathed normally only when he was sure that the Big B had taken it in the right spirit. Bachchan Sr. apparently patted him on the back, and the oxygen began to flow for Riteish.

Himesh's double role film titled Hhey Gujju

After Sajid Khan called all the babies for Heyy Babyy last year, it is now the turn of Himesh Reshammiya to get not just all his Gujarati brethren together but also rest of the country with his cry of Hhey Gujju.

Hhey Gujju - Well, that's indeed the title of his next film with Studio 18 which has Himesh's Karzzzz director Satish Kaushik at the helm of affairs once again. The film has Himesh Reshammiya playing a double role for the first time and has been designed as an out and out comedy.

Says a source close to Satish Kaushik, "The film is titled Hhey Gujju for the simple reason that Himesh plays a Gujarati character. Since he plays a double role in the film, one of the characters is shown as a localite from Rajkot (Gujarat) who is settled in Delhi's Chandni Chowk region. You won't believe it but he is called Karsanlal Trikamlal Gandhi. Isn't that an unusual name for a mainstream hero?"

Well, indeed it is an unusual name. How about the other part that Himesh plays in the film? "The other guy is also a Gujarati and his character is that of a cool Gujarati Casanova called Akash Patel who stays abroad", informs the source, "The film is a complete entertainer from the word go and has been designed as a comedy of errors. As is the tradition with Himesh's films, this one too would be introducing two new leading ladies opposite him."

Incidentally, Hhey Gujju was launched on 29th April this year with a song recording while the shooting would begin this month.

When quizzed about the film, Himesh said, "I am doing a lot of folk fusion music in this comedy. About the cast which is being brought together for the film, we have already signed a large number of leading comedians and character artistes."

"I am very excited to play a Gujarati for the first time", said Himesh who is apparently already enjoying his comedy stint on the sets of Bhushan Kumar and John Mathew's A Love Issshtory where he is playing a tapori, "I am gaining in experience since in Karzzzz and Kajraare I am playing intense characters. Now it should be fun working with Satishji once again after Karzzzz for Hhey Gujju."

'Thanks Kareena for walking out' - Harman Baweja

As it has been widely reported, the film was planned with Kareena Kapoor and she even shot for a few days. Was it heartbreaking when she walked out?

Most certainly. It was heartbreaking and put us all on the backfoot. Those were terrible months for the family. You see it's your first film and everyone's excited. You've worked hard and are ready to give it your best shot. And suddenly you realise whatever has been shot is a waste. Secondly you don't know what to do next. So, yes I went into bit of a depression for nine months. But I guess whatever happens, happens for the best. Bebo's exit gave us more time to plan and we could get better technicians on board to make the film look even better. So in a way I thank her for exiting.

You said somewhere that you have no issues with Kareena. So what's your current rapport with her?

Bebo and me are constantly in touch. See at any given time when a person takes a decision it's correct for him. I am sure she weighed the pros and cons as Bebo is a very sensible girl. She knew it was my first film and all that so maybe it was her point of view to dropout. I respect her decision and the fact that she stood by it. And today everything is normal. We are back on talking terms.

Katha Nayakudu / Kuselan Music Launched


Music of superstar Rajnikanth's bilingual film Kathanayakudu (Telugu) and Kuselan (Tamil) was simultaneously released at an impressive function held at Le Meridian Hotel in Chennai on Monday late in the evening. Produced by Ashwini Dutt in Telugu, it is directed by Chandramukhi sensation P. Vasu (both versions). AR Rehman was the chief guest at the colorful gala. His newphew G. V. Prakash scored music for this bilingual project.

Jagapati Babu, Sunil, Ali, Ashwini Dutt were among the prominent who made their presence at the music launch. P. Vasu prompted the music release in style, with each of the guests and the invitees totaling to a swirling 3000 and odd to get the album and presenting it to the best of their friends.

Rajnikanth said that the film got encouraging reports everywhere right from its launch and this brought some anxious moments for him. He said that the film would bring the best results to one and all. He termed the young composer GV Prakash as a mix of Rehman and Maestro Ilayaraja. On this occasion, Rajni thanked AR Rehman for gracing the occasion.

Director P. Vasu said that Rajnikanth is one and the only life example of true friendship. Rajni's mentor K. Balachander spoke at length about his tie with Rajni, comparing it with that of the "guru-sishyan" relationship between Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Swami Vivekananda. Jagapati Babu, who played the friend to Rajni in the film, said he couldn't believe his prospects co-starring the superstar, which still "looks like a dream to me."

Kamal Hassan’s Marudanaayagam - Trailer

Salman Khan's God Tussi Great Ho - Trailer

Shahid Kapoor shoots for Kismat Konnection promotional Video

Shahid Kapoor, who is all set to enjoy a hat trick of successful films in the form of KISMAT KONNECTION (after VIVAH and JAB WE MET), is going all out to make sure that his latest romantic comedy grabs all the eyeballs.

Not just content with the great response that his dance number 'Ae Pappi' has got amongst music lovers, he has now gone ahead and shot for a special promotional music video for the film. The number in question is Atif Aslam sung 'Bakhuda' that has been on the music channels for last fortnight. However, this time around, it is 'remix version' of 'Bakhuda' which is the center of attraction as it has been shot entirely on Shahid.

Picturised on indoor sets where Shahid is at the center stage with only a mike for company, the music video of 'Bakhuda' shows the young actor in a rock star avtar and truly adds on to the youthful appeal of the film.

Priyanka Chopra on Love Story 2050

What is Love Story 2050?

Love Story 2050 is India's first futuristic sci-fi love story

What's your character in the film like?

It's the first time I'm playing a double role in the film. I play a popstar in the future.

What's the USP of the film?

Love Story 2050 is the first of its kind film in Indian cinema. It is an ethereal timeless love saga set against the backdrop of Mumbai in the year 2050.

Why have you coloured your hair in this movie?

As I said earlier, I play a popstar in the future. The red hair suited the part completely. I am very excited about it as no Indian heroine has ever tried something like this before.

Who is your favourite co-star in the movie - Boo or Harman?

That's a tough choice!

What you like about Harman?

He is extremely professional and a very talented actor

Will you turn singer like dad?

I really don't know right now, but singing is something I would definitely like to pursue in the future

How do you manage your hectic schedule?

I don't manage, I just do it! And I love every moment. I wouldn't like to change my job for anything in the world.

What are your expectations from 2008 with movies like God Tussi Great Ho, Drona, Fashion and then Dostana?

I hope people enjoy watching my films just like I have enjoyed working in them

Will you follow the trend of Bollywood stars entering reality shows?

I can't predict my future. Maybe you can!

Who are your favourite co-star and why?

I do not have a favourite co-star. Everyone I have worked with has contributed to my growth and success to a great extent.

Finally, when are you getting married?

I really don't know. I cannot predict the future.

RGV about why he is making Phoonk

Ever since I can remember I was always an atheist. I never went to a temple, and even when there was Ganpati puja at home my only interest was in the sweets and that I could keep the text books away at the idol for three days. That was the custom back in South.

The point of non-belief or not caring for the forces that supposedly control us can either come out of ignorance or extreme self-confidence. But there were instances when something happened and there were no answers. Three times this happened to me. For instance, ten to twelve years back there was an incident when there were rumors that Ganpati is drinking milk all over the country. I was in my office and I just laughed the rumours off and thought people will believe anything.

When I went home, my nephew came running out and said Ganpati is drinking milk inside. I got scared, because as long as things are happening far away it is fine. But to confront it right in your home is something else.

Dreading to see a miracle I went in and it didn’t happen. My nephew claimed that an hour back it did. I brushed it off with a sigh of relief. But what was nagging me was that I was scared of the ten feet walk in to my home. It means basically my so-called non-belief is just on the wall. It just needs one push here and there to fall off either side.

The second incident occurred when Shiamak Davar, the choreographer, was with me on a flight to Chennai. I have never worked with him. I had just met him at a social occasion for a brief time few weeks before. I said; “Hi Shiamak” and I went and sat next to him. I was on aisle seat and he was at the window seat and we started talking shop. Suddenly he looked to the side and stared as if somebody is next to me. “Your father is dead?” he asked me out of the blue without any preamble. I was taken aback for a while and said “Ya”. He said “He is here with us”. I was obviously jolted and said “What do you mean by he is here?” He further added “He is a little concerned about you?” I didn’t know anything about Shiamak. You know all sorts of people claim that they have all kinds of power. I said “Shiamak, I don’t believe in all this” and he again looked to the side, stared and said “Your father says he never believed in it either.”

My father was an atheist too. I was scared, and all kind of thoughts came to me. I just got up and went to my seat. I was like how the hell he knows something like my father died and he was an atheist. There has to be an explanation. I was refusing to acknowledge that my father’s spirit was there on board of that flight as per Shamiak Davar’s claim. Then I thought okay I am a popular person and it is highly possible that he just may have got to know somewhere about this and he is just playing this trick on me. This is one possibility. And second point I thought that either my father is alive or dead, or my father is an atheist or not it’s just fifty-fifty chance the odds are not so great that he couldn’t have struck lucky. So I thought it has to be one of the two. So by the time flight landed I was convinced it has to be one of the two reasons and I just got it off my head.

The third incident happened at my home. Three years back, I was sitting with my mom and sister, and a relative of ours came with her 4-year old son. My mom and sister claimed that the kid has some powers because of being blessed by some baba and he can answer any question posed to him and people from all over come to him. He can’t speak but he just writes the answer. I was just quite amused to hear the claim and I at random asked what is 338 multiplied by 486 and the kid’s mother started coaxing him. He took about 20 to 30 seconds as she was bribing him with a chocolate and in front of me he wrote the answer.

Yes, I was scared to see something like that happen right in front of me. I was even more scared of my mother and sister because they took it so casually as if he has written 1,2,3 or A,B,C. Then I realized that they are taking it casually because they have faith, they believed and took it for granted that he has the power so he can write the answer.

Now years later after this incident happened... I think I imagined it, may be I dreamt about it. I am scared to ask my mother ‘Did it happen?’ because if she says YES I am screwed! So in all the instances... first the Ganpati never drank milk in front of me, Shiamak Davar I never met him again and the kid, I imagined so I still can claim that I don’t believe in supernatural forces.

But what if Ganpati drank milk in front of me? What if Shamak Davar said something what only my father and I could have known? What if the kid continued to be in my life? I would like to know what would have happened to my convictions.

So the point is you can brush off superstitions… you can counter the existence of dark forces or argue about them in a drawing room. But what if it happens to you?

Do you really understand the nature of what you are denying and accepting?

Phoonk is a scary film. The fear element is there largely due to the subject matter of the film but more than that it seeps into you, makes you question your own faith or non-belief and it will create a debate within you because each and every one of us would have had experiences related to that.

We tend to feel very secure in our own little world created in our own mind. When night falls, you switch on a light and it creates a spot of light around you. In that light you feel secure but you tend to forget the infinite darkness which surrounds that light.

Who knows what forces are out there? Perhaps a day might come when the rest of the darkness will be lit. But till that day you need to be scared, you need to be careful, you need to think, you need to acknowledge, at least to the point that you probably don’t know fully what is it about…

The basic theme of Phoonk is “It’s superstition till it happens to you."

Hare Ram - Music Review

Mickey J Mayer-- A wiff of Fresh Air
I remember Sekhar Kammula comparing him to Rehman during happy days release, i would not affirm on that but
in more than one ways i would say he is on the right path to getting into that terrotory. the single best cvharacter i like is
his experimentation. his happy days was a stand out hit, if you see his new movie Hare Ram he does not stick to the general style of music for the very same routine set of songs that we are som much to have in our movies
like a hero intro song a rap, a song about inspiring yourself. his treatment comes out as a Wiff of Fresh air. second thing thats good about him is his richness in instrumentation only mani could do it in our industry and now htis guy does look like he is doing it better for an instance we can listen to hare ram

the first song NASHA felt like the heros introduction song, and having heard fast beat songs for this type of a song but the way he treated the song with an underlying beat and good instrumentation is comendable for simply sounding so cool and funky. a good strong with good lyrics.

the second song SAREGA PADANE has great lyrical value and Mickey did a great job in highlighting them and having that underlining beat in the sing which helps in not loosing the tempo in the song at any point of time, i have to admit that Karthiks was does haunt us about the Happy Days song but these days that happens to me when ever karthi comes up with a slow number

YAKHUDA ZARA DEKHO NA the next song sounds great when the male voice takes over and again is a feel good songs and would definelty hit it big if the movie makes it big, then again its a duet where Mickeys tune highlights the lyrics and still has moments of great beats.

JAIRAM the rap song rendered by Mickey himself(if i am not wrong) is one gets on to you when you start listening to the album and has its peak when the words "garam garam" come and the sitar music in between is also good. i loved the treatment of this song as well.

Use of electric instruments in the next number LALIJO gives it best moments with lyrics stand out again, a song which may stay low untill the video comes out when comapred to the other songs but surely will hit big as it catches on, peopel who liek slow songs may get on to it instantly, the best part aboiut mickeys music is that his slow songs do not loose their tempo at any point of time.

The last number the title track speaks volumes about Mickeys capacity to have huge orchestra and richness

His music for me sound original with a next generation instrumentation and a different treatment and at the same time not killing the lyrics and the tempo. i am sure he is here to stay.

Rating - 3.5/5

Ugly Aur Pagli - Karle Gunaah (Video)

Love Story 2050's grand world premiere on July 2 in London

One of the hottest newcomers of Bollywood, Harman Baweja, is gearing up for his big day or should we say big night- Wednesday, July 2. Yes that is the day when Harman will be present along with the cast and crew of his debut film Love Story 2050 at the grand premiere of his film scheduled to take place in London.

Excited about his films release Harman said, "I am really looking forward to the world premiere of my film Love Story 2050 in London. The premiere is on Wednesday July 2, 2008 at the Cineworld theatre in Feltham. This is the same place where the premiere of Krrish was held few years ago"

But why London for the premiere? "It was something which we had planned six months in advance. I believe my entire team has already done a lot of promotions in India. There are many Indians living in London who are as much into Bollywood as we are and we thought it would be absolutely unfair for us not to come there and share our film with them and hence we decided to have the world premiere in London. So far I have received an extremely warm response from people in London, be it through e-mails or phone calls and I am really looking forward to the premiere"

So who all are going to be present for the special night? "Well myself, Priyanka Chopra, Boman Irani, Dad (Harry Baweja) and Mom (Pammi Baweja) would be there along with Mr. Khetarpal from Adlabs (who are also the producers of the film). Besides, I have a lot of family members in London. I am a Punjabi so there are lots of distant relatives of mine who stay in and around London. They are all really excited about the premiere happening there and even I am looking forward to catching up with some of my cousins after a long time."

Aamir-Imran on Cine Blitz cover

With just a few days to go for the release of Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na, Aamir Khan and his nephew Imran Khan are all over the place. The duo is now seen in this month's issue of Cine Blitz magazine. Both mamu Aamir and his bhanja Imran are seen dressed in their formal best wearing dapper suits.

Imran shares an interesting anecdote of how this is only the second time that he has worn a suit in his life (the first time being during the premiere of mamu Aamir's debut film QSQT). The duo seems to be enjoying each other's company and by the looks of it, this is one mama-bhanja jodi who are going to be spoken about for years to come.

Kismat Konnection - Move Your Body Now (Video)

CMPF in Pawan Kalyan's Satyagrahi

Though actor Pawan Kalyan announced the launch of Common Man Protection Force (CMPF) on October 22nd, last year, nothing much is known about it in the days that followed. He had even allotted a corpus fund of Rs. 1 Crore from his total savings of "Rs. 1.32 Crore". The major and minor political parties and some social groups also apprehended that formation of such a force would result in heralding the cult of private armies in the state. All said and done, the CMPF will have its presence and activities onscreen, i.e. in Satyagrahi, which is tentatively scheduled to have its shoot from January 2009 with Pawan Kalyan directing it; and Nookarapu Suryaprakasa Rao producing it.

Rehman for Nag son's debut?

AR Rehman is likely to score music for the debut film of Nagarjuna's son Nagachaitanya, which will have its muhurt on September 20th, coinciding with the Birthday of ANR. Sameer Reddy handles the camera. Vasu Varma debuts as director. In case of any change in music director's option, the next probable will be Devi Sri Prasad.

Siddardh’s two movies this year!

Hero Siddardh is doing two films now and both of them are likely to hit the screens by this year-end. While his Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kastham has already been completed half the shooting part, his new untitled film will be commencing regular shoot from July 20th. Directed by newcomer Anand, it is produced by Danaiah.

Producer is trying to release the movie either in December or for Sankranthi.

So Siddardh will have to completely focus on these two films this year.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

SRK's Temptations Reloaded 2008 kick starts!

SRK's Temptations tour started at the Ahoy in Rotterdam on Saturday, where SRK gave a rocking performance. Reportedly, talks are on for another Temptations tour with the King Khan in October, in Germany.

Hansika slims!

Teenage beauty Hansika has gone for makeover. Gone are the baby fat and bulbous looks. She slims in a seeming inspiration from Kareen’a size zero style. Those who have seen her at a fashion show on Saturday stunned at her looks. Some liked hit but the general perception is lean looks doesn’t suit her.

Moreover, Hansika has become rage among youth for her rotund body structure.

On other hand, Hansika is happy with the way her career is moving ahead in Tollywood. “I have already bagged two big films in Telugu. One for producer M.S.Raju sir and it is under progress. The other one is Pawan Kalyan’s Puli. Two more projects are in pipeline in Tollywood,” she informed.

Naga Chaitanya’s film launch on Sep 20th

Nagarjuna’s son Naga Chaitanya will be making grand debut on September 20th on the occasion of his grand father Akkineni's birthday. The movie will be launched on that day with much fanfare. Nagarjuna is presently seeing the pre-production work, which is to be produced by Dil Raju and directed by newcomer Vasu Varma.

But the regular shoot will only commence from November.

Nagarjuna is trying to rope in best of the technical talent for his son’s movie. Sameer Reddy handles the camera. It is learnt that he has paid a whopping amount for Sameer who is known for presenting newcomers well. Music will probably be composed either by Devi Sri Prasad or A R Rehman.

Amitabh Bachchan’s experimental 2008

Amitabh Bachchan may be 64 he is still ready to try out different avatars. Take a look at his versatile turn in 2008.

Earlier in the year, he played the ghost in Ravi Chopra’s Bhoothnath. The film did the average business at the box-office but Bachchan’s ragged look and his chemistry with child artist Aman Siddiqui was adorable.

And here’s what’s in store in the coming months.

August 15: God Tussi Great Ho

In this film, the Shenshah plays a funky God who troubles the main protagonist Arun Prajapati (Salman Khan). But later he also gives him his power to rule the earth for 7 days. This film is directed by writer turned director Rumi Jaffrey.

Shoebite (expected to released in October)

Bachchan is John the wanderer who is in search of self discovery. Directed by Shoojit Sircar, in this film his character will wander from Manali to Kanyakumari.

November 21: Aladdin and the Mystery of magical Lamp

Here he will be seen as the mischievous genie. The actor will don various get ups. He will also speak in different languages including Hindi, English, Tamil and Bhojpuri. Riteish Deshmukh plays the Aladdin in this Sujoy Ghosh film.

There are also reports that he will soon start shooting for the role of Samrat Ashoka. The film will be produced by ABCL so may be next year he will be seen in a royal get up.

Kareena Kapoor On Verve Cover - Images

Khan's big fat premiere

Aamir and Imraan We all know that Aamir is more than happy to launch nephew Imraan Khan with the film Jaane Tu...Ya Jaane Na , that also marks the debut of Abbas Tyrewala. And for this, he's leaving no stone unturned. In fact, the actor-director-producer has also planned a huge premiere for his bhaanja on July 3.

And if talks are to be believed, the premiere will take place on a very large scale. And will be bigger than even the big fat Indian wedding that took place last year. Aamir is going out of his way and extending a personal invitation to his friends and dear ones from the industry.

Aamir tells us, "Actually I had planned a premier for Taare Zameen Par , too but since I was busy with the direction, production and acting part f it, it was difficult to call people to the event and organize it in the manner I would've liked to. This time, the premiere of Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na is more for emotional reasons. I am doing it for my chacha jaan .... I want to invite all his collogues and my friends from the industry to share this special moment with us."

Now that's some 'special' effort alright! And all will be touched!

Vidya goes ‘devil’ hunting in Toronto

/photo.cms?msid=3179203 She is one of the most gracious stars we know. At a recent episode during the shoot of Kismat Konnection, Vidya Balan realised her fascination for ‘devilry’. Apparently, the entire unit would go partying after pack-up everyday while in Toronto. So much so, that they soon started running out of great joints. And that’s when a friend of Vidya’s cousin who stays in the city recommended a place called ‘Devil’s Martini’ as a must-go.

From there started a real filmy tale that will stay with the unit members forever. Sharing it with Indiatimes Movies, Vidya said, “This is one incident that will stay with me for long. It may sound silly but it did freak all of us. I had the exact address with me and the entire crew, including me couldn’t wait to reach there and have a ball. But some how, when we reached the area, there was just no sign of ‘Devil’s Martini’.”

She added, “I even went ahead and asked the locals for direction who kept pointing a few blocks away but after hunting down the entire area, the nightclub was just nowhere in sight.”

A couple of days later, they once agin tried finding Devil’s Martini, but it could not be traced. The crew tried hunting it out on five different occasions during the entire shooting schedule, but it was nowhere to be found. In fact, the entire crew was so spooked by this, before eventually realizing that it is just not in their ‘kismat’!

But like they say, when it rains, it pours. On-set dress designer Shabeena Khan decided to take on the task of throwing parties regularly back in her hotel room which she shared with Rahila Mirza, the director’s daughter and writer of Kismat Konnection. And while the unit partied away to glory, they soon got so famous that it ended up in Shabina’s room getting ransacked!

“Shabina’s parties were really extravagant and trust me; we had the time of our lives. Unfortunately, some not-so-lucky beings got wind of our fun and one day when we returned from the sets, the entire room was ransacked, including even the peanut butter sachets and loose pennies,” revealed a giggling Vidya.

Katrina Kaif : Fever Pitch!


Trust Katrina Kaif to be a thorough professional. The actress was down with heavy viral fever during the IIFA Awards held in Bangkok recently. The doctors had advised her complete bed rest. The organisers wondered whether Katrina would be able to live up to her commitment and perform live for the event.

In fact, taking the doctor's advice into consideration the organisers too suggested that Kats should just take it easy and not perform at the show. But Kats being Kats, popped in some antibiotics and was on the go! It was all rock and roll from then on.

Retracting from a commitment was out of question for her. And the kind of performance Kats dished out, not once did the onlookers come to know that Kats was completely under the weather, Looking as fresh as the morning dew, she not only had the audience on her side, but also the producers and directors who were stunned by her professionalism.

Looks like it's the offers that are now 'heating up' for the lovely Katrina.

Hrithik to doodle in a Yankee accent

/photo.cms?msid=3175722 Actor Hrithik Roshan is known to be dedicated, hardworking and a thorough professional. He'll leave no stone unturned to get his character right. So be it for dad's Koi Mil Gaya , when he had to metamorphose into a 'special child' or then for Ashutosh Gowariker's Jodhaa Akbar , in which he had to use some chaste Urdu, Hrithik has always gone the distance.

In Rakesh Roshan's Kites , too, to be produced by Anurag Basu, Hrithik is putting in his all. Starring opposite the lovely Barbara Mori, the actor is working hard to get an authentic Yankee accent. "A trainer comes to Duggu's house everyday. And is there for over an hour. Hrithik is forever listening to the accent required for the watching movies, or then listening to dialogues... he has sheets and sheets which he keeps reading out aloud in the required accent," says a friend of the actor.

So, when you meet the actor next and notice a twang in the accent, you know where and how he got that from!

Amisha’s sexy secrets

/photo.cms?msid=3175639 If you are wondering what is with Amisha Patel’s all new hot look in Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic, here’s revealing the secret. There’s a new man in Amisha’s life and the name is Manish Malhotra. Apparently, all these years, Rocky S designed her clothes and look. It’s only with TPTM that Amisha roped in Manish Malhotra. The well cut, perfectly fitting clothes, stylish shoes and other accessories was meticulously colour -coordinated by Manish and it worked magic for Amisha who looked totally delicious. Are the other actresses listening?

'Abhishek doesn't strike a fly'

Superstar Amitabh Bachchan has denied media reports that his son actor Abhishek Bachchan lost his temper and slapped a spot boy on the sets of his film Drona.

"This is a laughable matter. Abhishek does not have the ability to strike a fly. He does have the ability though to attract incongruous and totally incorrect press. There has been absolutely no such incident on set. It is a fabrication of the highest order," he wrote on his blog.

Amitabh also rubbished the earlier incident when Abhishek had beaten up a photo journalist.

"The earlier incident with a press photographer was another complete fabrication," Amitabh stated.

The Big B has been posting a lot of complaints against the media on his blog lately.

His recent addition reads, "We are aware that certain media and journalists have painstakingly taken it upon themselves to build animosity towards us and follow religiously an unprofessional bias that will never change."

RGV hangover on JD

JD Chakravarthy, who turned a full-fledged screen villain and debut director with Homam, has always kept his project under wraps. But for a lone media briefing in April, so far not much is out about Homam. A theatrical trailer shows suggests that the film has the element of gang war. The audiences largely opine that the influence of Ramgopal Varma could be clearly seen in the trailer. In another TV trailer, Mamta Mohandas playing the heroine appeared on the lines of a Nisha Kothari of RGV production James – with sumptuous oomph. Homam is set for release next month. Meanwhile, rumors are to be believed this film is inspired by Hollywood blockbuster 'The Departed' with Mahesh Manjrekar playing the role of enacted by Jack Nicholson.

King stills stunned Seenu Vytla

Before the preliminary bunch of stills (of Nag's King) making their public appearance, its director Seenu Vytla showed strict signs of reluctance to speak about Nag's characterization. When it was brought to his notice that the stills had already made their presence in a fans website, he was puzzled at that. This forced him to vaguely sketch out Nag as a mix of Shiva and Hello Brother. Further, he prompted arranging some stills to the media. Sources said, till November no further stills would be hitting the public. The film's official release date is already announced as Dec 18th.

'Imran enjoyed washing my hair' - Genelia in an Exclusive Interview

If there is one song that's topping the charts this season it is Aditi. We caught with the real Genelia to find out if she too needs a song to smile. Genelia who is best remembered for her role opposite Riteish Deshmukh in Masti will soon be seen opposite Imran Khan in the much awaited Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na.

Let's start with your character in the film. Who is Aditi?

Aditi is basically a 'kali billi'…They call her meow. That's because she'll scratch you if she gets angry and won't care whether it's your face or hands. She is an extremist. She'll love you like no one else but if she doesn't like you there's no limit to her hatred. And if you pick up a fight with Jai (Imran's character) she'll murder you. Jai wouldn't even react but Aditi will slaughter you.

And how would you explain her relationship with Jai?

Aditi and Jai are totally opposite and the reason why they work is because Aditi loves challenges in life, even if it is not needed. But Jai has an explanation for anything that's going on in her life. Jai gives her the shoulder to cry on. At the same time, he is also the person she will pick up a fight with for no rhyme or reason.

How much of Aditi is the real Genelia?

They are very similar except for the power mouth bit. I can't talk like that. Also I don't think I can pick up a fight just for the heck of it.

Now the tagline says 'When do you know it's love.' What's Genelia's take on the line between friendship and love?

It's very relatable and human. I think this is a confusion that at some point we all go through.

You started your innings in Bollywood and then moved down South where you have been very successful. What went wrong here?

Honestly, I don't see it as a wrong and a right situation. Not many people know that I debuted in three different languages in 2003. But by the time my Hindi film released, I had already signed a lot of projects down South, which kept me busy through 2004. Luckily, those films did well and more offers kept pouring in. I think it is a mix of destiny and time constraint. So nothing has gone wrong and now I am ready to take up challenges in Bollywood as well.

Is Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na your big Bollywood comeback?

I don't believe in the word comeback. But I look at it as a high potential film. Jaane Tu…could bring out the best in me because it is such a good character.

So are you expecting the Best Actress award next year?

I already won an award last year. It was a big surprise for me. So I don't want to spend too much time thinking about the awards for this film.

Since you have worked in Bollywood and the South. How would you compare life as an actress in both these industries?

Most people told me that South is very professional as compared to Bollywood. But in both industries everything is planned and work starts on time. I mean Priyadarshan and Aamir Khan Productions are as professional as you can get. So I am yet to sight that difference. The only difference is I think in the choice of subjects as the two regions have completely different flavour.

But as an actress, do you think Bollywood offers you more scope since the south Indian industry is male dominated…

I have got a fair deal. And that's been the good part about my films. You know people always say Bollywood dropouts make it big there. But that's so not true, because there they are constantly looking out for new faces. And surviving there for like five years is a huge deal as most actors end up being one-film wonders. I have got very good roles and won a Filmfare award. So at this stage coming back to Bollywood is like a newcomer returning with renewed confidence.

How is Aamir as a producer?

I believe the best part about Aamir Khan Productions is that you feel you're working hard. They make you go through the grind. Initially the repeated screen tests could get annoying but once you bag the role you want to give it your best shot. Aamir is very sure about what he wants and his faith in you makes you feel responsible. So as an artiste you don't want to disappoint him.

But weren't you apprehensive about Imran getting all the pre-release hype?

It's very strange, because I don't come from a film family ready to make a film for me. So for me the best way to get noticed is to get a hyped up film. Sure Imran will be more talked about and be on every cover page possible. But the film is still about Jai and Aditi. So the more people come to see Imran, the more they get to see me.

As a co-star what's Imran's biggest strength and weakness?

Technically he is very sound. For a newcomer he exactly knows what his shortcomings are. Everyone's hardworking but to know where you are going wrong and the ability to be sensible is a great quality. I don't know what's his weakness but he should stop calling himself my spot boy. He enjoyed washing my hair.

What's your favourite song and scene?

Without doubt Aditi. I always knew it was a good song, but now that so many people are loving it, I love it even more. Favourite scene... I love it when Aidti fights.

Who would you like to dedicate Pappu Can't Dance Saala to?

(Laughs) No one!

Abbas Tyrewala said he always wanted a fresh face. So how did you get this role?

I don't know. Maybe I looked the character. Honestly when I met Abbas he told me the same thing. He was very keen on a newcomer and had tested 400 girls. But Aamir had some kind of confidence in me. Aamir also gave Juhi's example who had done a few films before QSQT. And he said I think if the girl is perfect for the role she is perfect.

You mentioned Juhi. At one level the film is being compared to QSQT and at the same time you are competing with Love Story 2050. So rate the Imraan-Genelia pair against the Aamir-Juhi and Harmaan-Priyanka...

I am not rating anyone. But I hope the Imran-Genelia pair makes Jaane Tu… one hell of a rocking film.

What's your take on the competition with Love Story 2050?

It's very healthy. They are two different films and there is enough space for both to succeed.

Finally what's the equation between you and Riteish Deshmukh?

I don't see why these speculations are arising. I am very much single.

Are you working together on any film?

We aren't doing any film together but I am hoping for the best.

How do you rate Riteish as an actor?


Its Harman and Priyanka v/s Imran and Genelia

With the release date (4th July) of both films coming closer, the war is just getting hotter. Both the films Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na and Love Story 2050 are divergently different. While the former is a light-hearted campus love story, the latter is a futuristic science fiction film about time travel. The fact cannot be denied that when two big films are competing at the box-office, each will eat into the others business to an extent. There have been very few cases when a Lagaan and a Gadar have simultaneously survived at the box-office to win a blockbuster status. Otherwise it has always been the other way round.

Bipasha romances three younger men

Bipasha Basu will be seen romancing all younger men in her next three films... and all debutants of 2007. There’s Ranbir Kapoor in Siddharth Anand’s Bachna Ae Haseenon, Neil Nitin Mukesh in Jehangir Surtia’s Freeze and Maradonna Rebello in Sudipto Chattopdhya’s Paankh.

The sexy actress does not feel that romancing young men is a big issue as she shares excellent chemistry with them on screen.

Singh Is Kinng soundtrack features top international names

Singh Is Kinng The soundtrack of the keenly anticipated film, Singh Is Kinng, which releases this weekend on Junglee Music, is turning increasingly international.

First there was news about top British-Asian band, RDB, and legendary rapper, Snoop Dogg, being a part of the film's title track. Now we have news that two renowned international DJs have been roped in for remix versions of three tracks on the album.

The Talli Hua track, composed by Pretam and rendered by Neeraj Sridhar, Labh Janjua and Style Bhai, has been remixed by Jay Dabhi, North America's greatest South-Asian DJ. The Queens native (a.k.a. Little Jay) first shot to fame with his top selling remix album, NY's Finest Lil Jay.

Meanwhile, Bhootnike, rendered by Daler Mehndi, and Bas Ek Kinng by Neeraj Sridhar, Mika Singh, Ashish Pandit and Hard Kaur, have remix versions by comprising the Glasgow-based brothers, Raj and Pops, who call themselves Tiger Style and are amongst the biggest DJs of bhangra, reggaeton, dance hall and punjabi music.

Remarks Pretam, the film's music composer, "I heard Tiger Style and Jay Dabhi's stuff and really liked it. I got in touch with Raj and Pops for a collaboration through my friends who know them really well. Meanwhile, Style Bhai put me in touch with Jay Dabhi, who is based out of New York."

Singh Is Kinng, the film, is out worldwide on August 8 with previews at select locations on August 7. It is an Indian Films - Studio 18 worldwide release.

Sanjay Yadav Man behind Harman Baweja’s Moves!

Harman Baweja Sanjay Yadav is the name familiar with many celebrities; He is the guy responsible for the heart throbbing moves of Harman Baweja who is debuting with much awaited film Love Story 2050. Apparently Harman has been taking dancing lessons from this maverick moves maker for a quite a while now.

Sanjay incidentally has taught dance personally to Viveik Oberoi, Ranbir Kapoor before they got into Bollywood. After a long struggle in the industry he finally got an opportunity to assist choreographer-singer Ganesh Hegde for more than two years and now this Nagpurkar has a dance school called Neo Dance Class at Oshiwara in suburban Mumbai to his credit.

When quiz about Harman he has only praises for this new lad, “Harman is a dedicated dancer, he has thrown his hundred percent efforts to achieve this kind of excellence. He came to know about me through couple of his friends and decided to try it out. It’s more than two years now that I have been associated with him and my opinion about him has remained unchanged. He is always been a good dancer but now he is an exceptional”.

RGV’s contract with the underworld

Ram Gopal Varma The filmmaker who is back in the groove post Sarkar Raj, Ram Gopal Varma is all calm and composed as he awaits the release of his next film, this one titled ‘Contract’. Based against the backdrop of underworld, the film is already being touted by many as the last of the trilogy of gangster films after Satya and Company.

But try asking about this to the reticent director and he’s quick to retort, “Contract cannot be considered as the final part of a gangster trilogy for several reasons. Firstly, the underworld is just a backdrop for the story. The film is about coming together of the section of a certain industry with a larger one. However, at no point does it talk about a macro-level nexus between the underworld and terrorism. Contract is about tracing the link as it appears from the protagonist’s perspective.”

So that’s that and all Ramu is willing to reveal about the film’s plot is that this one is as fictional as Satya but much simpler in terms of the subject treatment. On that note, I’m tempted to ask if RGV is expecting this one to be an equal stealer.

“Well, that purely depends on the audiences. A film is always open to individual interpretation and pre-notions. Even though I may try to manipulate it, there are just too many factors involved here. In fact, even the association of the audiences with my previous films would be a big make or break film for Contract, especially Satya and Company. But then, there is no way I can stop people from disassociating the three since there is an underlying connection of the underworld,” concludes a self-confident RGV

How Ranvir Shorey got slapped and got kissed!

Mallika Sherawat Actress Mallika Sherawat seems to have enjoyed herself shooting for Ugly Aur Pugly . And the scenes she loved most were probably those where she slapped Ranvir Shorey. Talks have it that the actress slaps the actor ninety nine times in the film. Poor guy! But there's more. There's one hot kiss... And that Ranvir says made up for all the tight slaps! Well, after reading this, he can expect a few more (slaps, we mean) from girlfriend Konkona, too!

Emraan Hashmi becomes Crorepati

/photo.cms?msid=3175075 It's a fad about earning in crores these days, and the Jannat star is not going to be left behind. Busy shooting with Kangana for Raaz 2, Emraan Hashmi is basking in the success of his last film. Offers are pouring his way, and the actor has already signed a fifteen crore deal with a production house. With his lucky lips and on-screen smooches, the guy has sure puckered up quite some moolah and reputation! The guy is now kissing...and telling!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Rajinikant beats SRK in box office race

Shah Rukh Khan, it seems, has finally been beaten. And it's southern superstar Rajninikanth who has managed to the unthinkable.

Rajini and Shah Rukh have been working on Kuselan and Billo Barber respectively. Both these films are adaptations of a Malayalam film, Katha Parayumpol starring Mammootty. And Shah Rukh wanted to release his film before Rajini.

In fact, he was so keen that he even cancelled his annual family vacation and straightaway started shooting Billo Barber.

But Rajini's film is ready and all set to release on August 15 while Shah Rukh's film will hit the screens only during Diwali.

P Vasu has directed Kuselan while Priyadarshan has directed Billo Barber. The Malayalam original tells the story of a friendship between a superstar, who goes to a village for a shoot and a local barber. While Rajinikanth and Shah Rukh Khan play the stars, Pasupathy and Irrfan Khan play the barbers.

Adding to Shah Rukh Khan's woes is Akshay Kumar whose film Chandni Chowk to China (Warner Bros' first Hindi film) also releases around the same time.

Kathanayakudu music launch in Chennai

Chennai seem to be happening place for music launches these days. After Bujjigadu Made in Chennai and Dasavatharam, another high profile film’s audio is going to be launched in Chennai. The music of Rajnikant’s film Kathanayakudu (Keselan in Tamil) will be launched at Hotel Le Meridian, Chennai on 30 June. This film was announced at a high profile function held at Hotel Novotel in Hyderabad. C Aswini Dutt produces this film and P Vasu directs it.

Hare Ram - Music Launched

Passionate fanfare marked the audio launch of Hare Ram, the latest film of Nandamuri Kalyanram, at Ramanaidu Studios, Hyderabad. Kalyanram also produces the flick on his production house NTR Arts. Nandamuri brothers – Harikrishna, Balakrishna, Mohana Krishna – and younger clan – film hero Kalyanram and NTR – Mohan Babu, Ali, Gowtham Raju, Rajiv Kanakala, Raghu Babu, Mickey J Mayer (music director), Harshavardhan (debut director) and prominent cast and crew graced the occasion.

Rajya Sabha member and actor Harikrishna formally launched the logo of the film – Hare Ram (a small video clip). Balakrishna released the audio cassette and presented the first number to Harikrishna. In turn, Mohan Babu unveiled the audio CD, presenting the album to NTR. Three bit songs were screened to the gathering amidst heavy shouting.

No Kuppi Ganthulu for Bobbili Puli Vamsam: Mohan Babu
Mohan Babu, who graced the occasion as the chief guest, addressed the Nandamuri fans (who were profusely giving slogans in favor of Balakrishna, shouting ZNB and hailing him as the future CM). “Konthamandhi laaga meeru kuppi ganthulu veyyakoodadhu. You should remember that ours is Bobbili Puli Vamsam. We should talk when the right time comes. For everything there is a time. You all know what kind of association I maintain with Nandamuri family members. I recently saw Pandurangadu. Seeing the characterization of Lord Krishna (played by Balakrishna), it reminded of Anna NTR. Young NTR can deliver even tough dialogues with ease. I clapped the muhurt shot of Kalyanram’s film Athanokkade, which was a super duper hit. This film Hare Ram will also be a blockbuster. Vishnu apprised me of the risk taken by Kalyanram during the stunts. I advise them not to take risk because they have the access to graphics. Kalyanram is a decent and disciplined actor. Director Harshavardhan worked as co-director in our productions. Actually, we registered the title Hare Ram for Vishnu’s forthcoming film. But, when I was away from the city, Vishnu called to say that the title was needed by Kalyanram. Immediately, I told Vishnu to surrender the title to him. I pray to God to bless Kalyanram more than my sons. Our Vedika will come soon. That time I will come.”

This get-together is festival: NTR
NTR made a curt speech: “I am happy that we (family members of late NTR) are sharing the same dais. This is like a festival to me. This year Nandamuri fans have three hits – Kantri, Pandurangadu and Hare Ram (yet to release). Kalyanram should get even a bigger hit than Athanokkade.”

Kalyanram is disciplined like grandfather
Balakrishna said: “The music of Mickey J Mayer will enthrall the fans and the audiences. I appreciate Sirivennela and the playback singers for their superb job for this album. Kalyanram is disciplined like his grandfather (NTR) and his plus point is his perseverance. I hope that Hare Ram will run for 100 days. That day, I will talk more.”

Harikrishna’s appeal to AP Adapadachulu
Harikrishna repeatedly (more than four times) spelt the title Hare Ram as Hey Ram. He addressed the gathering … starting with political overtones, as: Naa Adapadachulu and etc etc.” “I have three sons – Janakiram, Kalyanram and NTR. We are all one family. People should not think that there are any differences among us. I never helped Kalyanram or NTR to become heroes. I never gave them any money for that. I just asked them to stand on their legs and both proved their mettle by hard work. I always told them to give importance to studies. If you earn money, it might be taken away by Income Tax people, or it might be attacked by pest. But, education can’t be taken away by anyone. I hope Kalyanram’s Hey Ram (Hare Ram) will become a big hit and stand up to the expectations of the Nandamuri fans.” Harikrishna again and again dwelt at length giving references to his father NTR. He sought the blessings of AP Adapadachulu (women), public and Nandamuri fans for Kalyanram.

Kalyanram simply rendered the vote of thanks, with a few words for the gathering. “I look forward to the day when the movie will be watched by the audience. When the movie becomes hit, that time I will speak.”

Star-studded Singh is Kinng music launch

Singh is Kinng's music launch was held at JW Marriott's Enigma on Thursday. Akshay Kumar was not present at the launch because he is in the Bahamas shooting for Blue. Here are some interesting snippets from the event.

Amitabh Bachchan wore a white coat which was made especially for the event. None of the media was allowed to interact with him and this resulted in chaos aplenty. He was there was just about half an hour and left as soon as he heard that Salman Khan would be attending the event with Katrina Kaif. Big B attended the launch because he has worked with producer Vipul Shah in Aankhen and Waqt and because Akshay Kumar is a part of the Unforgettable World Tour.

Katrina and Salman made their first public appearance in a long time and none of them looked their best. Salman looks very haggard in spite of colouring his hair brown in an attempt to match the age of his girlfriend. Katrina maybe the Sexiest Woman in the World but she needs a stylist. She should have realized that she was attending a music launch and not shooting for an item number. Maybe it was a short dress and she asked her tailor to add the chamko material because Salman wouldn't like her exposing her lovely legs?

Neha Dhupia on the other hand, showed off her legs and back and in a very tight and very short yellow dress. Her tan is thanks to her shoot for Fear Factor in South Africa. Even the bikini line on her back could be seen and that's not happening. She doesn't have too many movies and nothing better than skin show to grab some (producers) eyeballs.

No one recognized author Chetan Bhagat when he arrived. Then he started talking to Neha Dhupia and the photographers clicked away. It really helps to have a celeb friend, no matter how small they maybe! What were they discussing by the way?

At the Jodhaa Akbar music launch, Sonu Sood was wandering in the lobby and no one gave him any bhau. This launch was a different story. The media wanted to talk to him, but that's only because it was impossible to get through to Katrina. Gosh, there was a stampede to film Katrina and I must say the girl loved every bit of the media frenzy surrounding her.

Daler Mehendi and Mika Singh were seen together for a change and both wore paghdis. Both the brothers have sung for the movie. Reportedly, Daler had a little tiff with Shefali Shah which prompted him to leave at that very minute.

Pritam kept his unkempt hair back for a change using a hair band.

Sonam Kapoor dating Kunal Kapoor?

Our source reveals, "Whenever they get spare time they go to coffee shops (Mocha) in the town or shopping malls like Shoppers Stop. They mostly go on weekends or when they have an off from shooting. Kunal even comes on Dilli 6 sets. He had come to meet to her when she was shooting in New Delhi and twice Kunal even went to her place. On Sundays if they are free they together go to Marine Drive."

Giving more details, the source says, "Recently the whole team of Dilli 6 was shooting at Madh Island. Kunal had come to meet her and was on the sets for almost 2 hours. After that they both went shopping near Link Road."

Sonam had a heartbreak when Ranbir dumped her and moved on to Deepika Padukone. To get over it, she spent a couple of months with friends in Bangkok. Kunal, on the other hand, had a breakup with Dia Mirza.

Meanwhile, Sonam is handling her own work as her secretary has left her. Sonam will next be seen in Dilli 6 and Kunal in Bachna Ae Hasino in a special appearance.

Kismat Konnection - Music Review

Now one strongly believes that this one can't really go wrong. After all with names like Pritam, Shahid Kapoor, TIPS, UTV and Aziz Mirza involved, there is no reason why the music of Kismat Konnection shouldn't 'konnect' with the audience. Add to it the great run that everyone associated with the film is enjoying off late and one is led to believe that the music of Kismat Konnection would be just the right follow up to Pritam's hit brigade of 2008 - Race and Jannat. With lyrics by Sayeed Qadri and Shabbir Ahmed, one plays on the album with great anticipation.

It takes not more than 30 seconds to warm up to 'Aai Paapi (Tu Hai Meri Soniye) ' which sets the groove on from the very first note. With Shabbir Ahmed's mix of English and Hindi lyrics seemingly getting a glee on the face of Neeraj Sridhar, 'Aai Paapi' is the title song with the words 'Kismat Konnection' making an intermittent appearance. Though there is another male voice being quite prominent in the song throughout, it has surprisingly not been credited.

Coming back to this dance number which is quite a riot when it reappears in the 'remix version', 'Aai Paapi' has a word 'chartbuster' written all over it. Add to that the overall club feel of the song which should heat up the dance floors in weeks to come coupled with Shahid's energetic moves and you know that the song is a definite crowd puller.

Said to be Shahid's personal favorite song from the album, 'Bakhuda Tumhi Ho' brings together Atif Aslam and Aslam once again after 'Pehli Nazar Mein' [Race] . Written by Sayeed Quadri, the number has Alka Yagnik pairing as Aslam's co-singer even though she comes only mid-way into the song. The number is special since it merges styles of both Pritam and Atif Aslam and doesn't result in any of the two loosing their identity or taking over the show completely.

A beautiful melody that carries an Indian feel throughout and boasts of some eye catchy picturisation, courtesy the foreign outdoor locales it has been shot at, 'Bakuhda' is easily the second potentially successful number in a row after a rocking opening number.

Though one is not too sure about the relevance of a 'remix version' for a song like 'Bakhuda', one suspiciously plays it on. However, there is a surprise in store as this version doesn't harm the original even bit and doesn't even turn out to be a 'remix' in true sense. Instead it just comes with slightly different beats and rendition that only adds on to the effect and makes it a further enjoyable hearing.

The moment one sees the team of Shaan, Hard Kaur and Akruti Kakkar coming together for a song that goes like 'Move Your Body Now', you know what to expect. Well, what else but yet another urban rocking number which would set your feet tapping after very first listening! The song pretty much succeeds in doing so, especially due to coming together of varied styles brought to fore by the diverse set of singers that Pritam ropes in.

With fast paced beats keeping the tempo high for this yet another dance number which fuses Western and Punjabi style well, 'Move Your Body Now' has in it to give competition to the opening number as well and should certainly turn out to be yet another chartbuster addition to the album.

Later in the album, Adeel replaces Shaan for the second version of the song while ensuring that he too keeps the momentum on for the album. A song like this certainly deserves a 'remix version' and expectedly makes an appearance to make it three times the fun! It would be a surprise if this number doesn't turn out to be a big hit in weeks to come!

It's time to move into serene surroundings with the advent of 'Is This Love (Kahin Na Laage) ' which is written by Sayeed Quadri. While Shreya Ghoshal immediately gets on to the job, she is soon accompanied by Mohit Chouhan who sung a beautiful 'Tum Se Hi' for Pritam last year in Jab We Met.

Well, the impact is felt again in Kismat Konnection too as Mohit and Shreya get into yet another melodious outing which reflects the realization of love amongst the main protagonists of the story. Even though one doesn't really feel a need for the 'remix version' here, you don't really mind that due to intrinsically good sound that the song carries!

Bhangra beats mark the opening of 'Soniye Ve (Dhak Dhak Dhak) ' which soon comes so close to Pritam's own 'Chori Chori' from Garam Masala that one starts wondering whether the entire song would follow the same course. However, that's not really the case as this Shabbir Ahmed written song gets into a different rhythm after an alarmingly similar start. But does that make 'Soniye Ve' any better? Not exactly!

Even though this Sonu Nigam and Sunidhi Chauhan song comes with trademark Pritam arrangements, the tune doesn't have much zing in it to be termed as one of THE tracks from the album. Yet again, the song arrives in a 'remix version' and while it does have a potential to warrant a promotional music video, one would rather go back to the numbers that one heard earlier in the album.

There are sure fire hits like 'Aai Paapi' and 'Move Your Body Now' in the album but beyond that it would require quite some push from the film itself to reflect in the album's sales. Though 'Bakhuda' and 'Is This Love' good, they would work mainly once the film becomes successful. Overall, Kismat Konnection promises to score well at the music stands but whether it matches up to the sales of a Race or a Jannat would have to be observed closely.

Sanjay Dutt: Basking in the Bahamas?

/photo.cms?msid=3173120 Actor Sanjay Dutt is looking trimmer these days. After having shed all that weight - thanks two personal trainers and a nutritionist, the actor is also living a high adrenaline lifestyle. About what he is upto? The actor has enough and more film offers coming his way. Currently in the Bahamas, the fit-and-trim Dutt, we hear, is having a 'whale' of a time.

Blue is a hard core action film and is being made on a huge budget. It also stars Ajay Devgan, Zayed Khan and Lara Dutta. However, it's Zayed and Sanjay who are having some good time in the Bahamas. Shooting for Blue in the island, Dutt and Khan are required to indulge in some intense, adventurous deep sea diving activities. And the two heroes are loving it.

"There's so much adventure in this film. And Sanju Baba having lost all that weight and is even more charged to do some stunts. He's having a lot of fun," says a unit member. Well, on his return, we're surely going to ask him of the wonderful fish he fished around whilst on the beautiful island. Watch this space for more.

Amitabh Bachchan Exclusive Interview

/photo.cms?msid=3173148 Talking to Amitabh Bachchan can be a learning experience. Despite a star-status that needs no substantiation, the man has the humility to make your conversation with him extremely comfortable, not giving it a formal interview tag while concurrently not steering it towards a frivolous chat either. He listens to you with complete consideration and is absolutely articulate in his answers, as well.
Gaurav Malani gets into an exclusive conversation with the Big B about the aftermath of Sarkar Raj, his aggressive attitude in blogs and what keeps his energy levels eternally high.

Starting off with Sarkar Raj, are you pleased with the response you got for the film?
Yea, we are very happy. We have got lot of positive responses from the fans and well-wishers. Also, the returns of the film, financially, are extremely good. So all in all it’s a very happy moment.

Apparently there were few diverse reactions to the film and many were of the opinion that the sequel pales in comparison with Sarkar. Ram Gopal Varma even severely lashed out at some critics. What was your reaction to the reviews?
Every individual has the right to express their opinion and we will accept and honour that. But it is the opinion of one person – whether we agree or disagree to it is our criteria and whether they like it or not is the critic’s criteria.

But on a personal level do you believe that Sarkar Raj was better than the prequel?
I don’t think that we set out to make a film to better it than something else. I would like to believe that we make films to better our own selves. But if you were to still ask me this question I would say yes, I was satisfied with my performance. I was happy with the way Ram Gopal Varma shaped the film. There will always be room for improvement. I hope that there is because as artists we want to improve with every film. There should be an opportunity to be able to do that. And I hope I keep getting that opportunity from Ram Gopal Varma.

Is there any one particular scene from Sarkar Raj that has had a lasting impression on your mind?
That’s a difficult question to answer. I would personally like to believe there are many moments in the film. (Takes a long pause to ponder and smiles). I liked the relationship between the father and the son. I liked the way the son was now more authoritative and more in control of what was going on. I liked his intensity. I liked the fact that even though he was responsible for the elimination of his own brother who was actually going to be involved in the murder of his father, he felt emotional towards it but at the same time he felt that it was a necessary deal too. I felt for Subhash Nagre’s character, for this old patriarch who had to see so much tragedy that was happening in his family. One cannot draw yourself away from the fact that there are many prominent high profile families all over the world, not just in India, who have faced with multiple deaths of relatives in their own family and how they face the trauma. So these were some interesting moments.

But if you were to ask me to pick one or two scenes, I would think that it would be the one where the father goes to the hospital after he comes to know his son is shot. Even though he has been told outside the hospital that his son is not going to survive, he still comes in there with a smile on his face and wants to convince his son that everything would be fine. That would be a tough moment for any father. That was a tough moment for me as an actor. I also like the portion where he spends his little quiet moment before his son’s photograph or the moment where he discloses the entire plot to Aishwraya as to what the politics were that resulted in all that happened in the family. I also liked the moment where he confronts Raosahab in the climax. Those were some memorable moments for me.

The Nagres worked strongly towards the development of Maharashtra. In real life a lot of insinuations were made against you regarding your loyalty towards the state. Was it a conscious decision to devise the screen characters likewise?
No, not at all. I don’t think we work with intentions to mix real life and screen life.

In your early days, you were given the tag of an angry young man. Over the years you have played a diverse range of characters but with the Sarkar series do you think you get to relive that initial image?
I do not work towards an image. Neither do I follow an image nor do I believe in it. These are wonderful little epithets that are made by the media for whatever reasons and their own convenience. I believe I am an artist and should be given as many diverse roles as possible and it should be my duty to play them to the best of my abilities. I hope that I never have to deliberately work in a film because it is going to enhance an image which is the concept of the media or anybody else.

The way in which Sarkar Raj ended, the story of the Nagre family seems to continue. Is a sequel on the rounds?
Sarkar Raj had a very strong and committed ending. Yes, there has been a loss of life, disturbance in the family. But the family must survive because life goes on. That’s the point at which it was culminated. Whether or not it’s going to see a sequel is going to be Ram Gopal Varma’s call.

On a personal level would you like the Sarkar series to continue to a third installment?
I don’t think so. But if Ram Gopal Varma thinks very strongly about it then yes, we will go ahead

How do you feel being offered the best of roles even at this age?
I don’t know if I am getting the best of roles. But it’s nice to be getting some roles.
Well we are quite sure that even today many characters are consciously written with you in mind
Well, I am very grateful to filmmakers for having faith in me. I hope I do justice to their roles. I hope I remain healthy to be able to work. I love my work. And I think for an artist, at least for me, I love the idea of getting up in the morning and going to work. I am happy that there are some people who think of me favourably.

Any particular film or character of yours that is very close to your heart?
Well that would be very difficult to answer. I will have to disclose something that is more intimate to me which I am not sure I would want to do. But yes I would like to believe that all the films I do have interesting characters and that they are different. At this age we have the advantage of getting diverse roles, roles that perhaps we would never have attempted to do even when we were younger. But it’s wonderful to see the evolution of the way Indian cinema has progressed. Our progress is reflected by the progress of the common man that goes to see our films. And I have to say that the audiences have brought in the change that we see today in Indian cinema. It is they who have dictated to us – this is what we like and this is what we don’t like. And when they do not like we don’t attempt to make it.
If today Sarkar Raj is being accepted, it is the genre which normally is not the usual escapist commercial cinema. It is dark, grim, intense, has no song and dance and is totally contrary to what general opinion about what commercial Hindi cinema is. But if you see the patronage it has, it speaks a lot about the audience in our country. They are willing to see such cinema and go ahead and patronize it.

You have become a lot more popular these days with your blogs.
This is a medium that I was unaware of and once I did come to know, I thought it was wonderful to be able to talk to your fans and people who want to communicate with you on a direct level rather than go through another medium. It was instant, immediate and it covered the entire universe. It’s wonderful to be able to express my opinions, thoughts, feelings and get reactions from fans, well-wishers or not-so-well-wishers. They are like a guideline for me. It’s sometimes believed that artists get cocooned and live within the confines of their own little world. They don’t know what’s going on outside. This medium actually opens this out for me and I get to see expressions and words and know more about people and what they think about us or our life or situations that happen in the country. It’s been a very revealing experience.

Has it been a very healthy experience?
Not all of it is very good and healthy. There is a lot of abuse and criticism which is welcome. Because, if I open the doors of my house, I must welcome everything. I read all of it, write all of it myself. I do not predetermine what I am going to write but when I sit to write, whatever comes to my mind at that moment, I put it into words. It’s a fantastic medium because there are many sides of the people who watch your films and tell what they think of it. And all this is immediate. And I am just so happy to have been made aware of this medium now. It has been a great eye-opener.

Will you continue with blogging or is it just a passing phase?
I hope I am able to continue with it. It’s a little tedious. It’s almost like a daily commitment that you make to yourself and your fans. I feel many of them wait to read my blog at the end of the day and therefore I would not want them to keep waiting. As soon as I finish this interview, I will go and start writing a blog. It’s almost like sitting across the table and talking to them.

Amitabh Bachchan has always been perceived as a modest person. Would you agree that the blog has got out the aggressive side of you?
This is a fallacy. You will have to explain what do you mean by modesty. Just because I keep quiet doesn’t necessarily mean that I am modest. Just because I talk, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I am aggressive. If there is a clarification or a point of view which I feel strongly about, all I am saying is that now I have a medium through which I may do so. It may be distressing to some that I do that but then this is a free country and I should be having an opportunity to do that. If blog is the medium that I can use, then I will. That is my right as an individual.

Ranbir Kapoor acting pricey?

/photo.cms?msid=3173108 It doesn’t matter how new you are in the industry, if you are a star kid and have potential, you can quote whatever price you want. If you think it’s not true then newcomer Ranbir Kapoor will prove you wrong. Though this sensational star son’s first film failed to make it big at the box office he has been flooded with offers.

But being selective about films Ranbir signed only Yashraj, Tips and Prakash Jha’s next. According to an industry insider this star kid has quoted 7core for Rajkumar Santoshi’s Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani where he will be seen opposite Katrina Kaif.

When asked producer Ramesh Taurani of Tips, he denied. “We signed this contract with him six months back so even if he has raised his fees it doesn’t matters to us. This film is already on the floor. We have done two days of shoot and gearing up for a long schedule from 1st July.” says Taurani.

Needless to say Bollywood believes in keeping things in secret. Hope all newcomers can be as lucky as Ranbir is!

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